Services We Offer

  • Retirement Income Planning
    Retirement is a whole new phase of your life. How will you pay for it? How much will you need and where will it come from? We can help you get on track with suitable investments and sensible withdrawals.
  • Rollovers
    Have you changed jobs recently?  Are you wondering what to do with your 401k? Do you have several old 401ks or IRAs from a number of previous employers? We can show you how to consolidate your various accounts without tax penalties and assist with the logistics in rolling them into one IRA for ease of management. 
  • Inheritances
    Have you inherited assets from a loved one? Are you concerned with properly managing your gift long term?  We can help you with the process of prioritizing your objectives –(perhaps you want to pay off some debt), managing the assets and investing in securities that are suitable for your stage of life, income level and goals.  It is very important to transfer inherited retirement assets properly to potentially reduce taxes and preserve the funds long term.   Titling of your assets is also a critical decision to consider.
  • Estate Planning
    Estate planning is often stressful and confusing.  Are you interested in treating your heirs fairly or equally?  Do you have a special needs child?  Are your beneficiary designations up to date?  Do you want to make charitable bequests?  We can help you talk through these issues and help you understand your options so you are prepared to meet with your estate attorney.
  • Divorce and Finances
    Divorcing can be a scary, overwhelming experience.  Realistic financial information makes the process easier, including tax projections, asset evaluations, budgets, income planning.
  • Tax Planning
    Every financial move you make can have tax consequences that you may not be aware of. Because we have been preparing income tax returns for 30 years, our experience can help you avoid missed opportunities and also to make smart decisions that may benefit you come April 15.
  • Insurance
    Risk management is an important part of evaluating your financial stability.  We offer advice and policies to help protect you in the event of a premature death, disability or need for long term care.  If your estate is subject to significant estate taxes (if your estate exceeds $11.4 million per individual or $22.8 million for a couple in 2019), we can show you might be able to pay for that tax liability with insurance and keep the proceeds out of your estate.
  • Getting married
    Have you thought about how to successfully merge your marital finances? There are many different options and financial styles to consider: Are you a spender or a saver? Who pays the bills? Will you have joint or separate checking accounts, or a combination? Does one of you invest more aggressively than the other? We can help you sort out these issues and plan for financial clarity in your marriage. 
  • College funding
    We can help you to establish and fund a 529 college savings plan for your child or grandchild.